We recognize the importance of protecting personal information as foodware company, as well as define the personal information protection policy, will strive to appropriate protection of personal information becomes a company-wide united.
Collection of personal information, Basic Principles on the use, education and training as a means to have a management method and effectiveness, for the audit or the like is defined as follows, we will continue to run.

■collection of personal information, use, and Basic Principles on the provision

1) When you collect personal information directly, by lawful and fair means, is done in the consent of the person.
2) When the collection is to clarify the purpose, and kept to the extent necessary for that purpose.
3) High sensitive information is likely to infringe upon the interests of the individual, it does not collect other than if there is a support of or laws if there is a clear consent.
4) If we are to entrust to and external if entrusted with the business with the processing of personal information from the outside, the holding of secret regarding personal information, matters relating to re-commissioned, accident of responsibilities, return of personal information at the end of the contract and has established for erasing, etc., and follow it.
5) Personal information, used within the scope of the consent of the person, to provide.

■for the management of personal information

1) personal information that was obtained by the Company to contract the work directly from the collection or outside, keeping the exact state, will take measures to prevent unauthorized access, the loss, destruction, falsification and leakage, etc..
2) If you are entrusted with the business with the processing of personal information from the outside, when the consignor has obtained the personal information, upon obtaining the consent of the person, to make sure that it is as it was collected by lawful and fair means.

■About laws and other regulations
We, you should comply with Japanese laws and regulations and other regulations relating to the protection of personal information, will strive to continuously improve this policy.

■continuous improvement of compliance program
We strive to continuously improve the compliance program as well as established practice, compliance with the compliance program for the protection of personal information.

■inquiries from person
To inquiries regarding the handling of personal information from the person, in a reasonable range, and strive to respond quickly.
If the questions and customer about the content of this page is should be careful about personal information of yourself,
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March 1, 2019