The company "Shokuraku" produces dining-ware that makes mealtimes more fun.

Since our founding in 1925, our objective has remained the same: "To be a company that can satisfy and reassure our customers."
Achievement by achievement, we have steadily gained the robust loyalty of customers far and wide.
We would like to express our sincerest gratitude for the continued support and encouragement you offer us.

Takenaka Co., Ltd. (Craft Recipe Division)

Headquarters / 1-166-1 Tsukaya-machi, Yamanaka-Onsen, Kaga-City, Ishikawa 922-0111 Japan
Office / Wa562 Uwabara-machi, Yamanaka-Onsen, Kaga-City, Ishikawa 922-0107 Japan
Phone / 0761 - 78 - 0962
Fax / 0761 - 78 - 5335